Hosea 2:21-22; Psalm 29:4-11; 1 Samuel 3:1, 2; Luke 3:21; Mark 1:10

Nothing could be more devastating and miserable than living a life void of heavenly connection. If the heavens are shut against any man, his earth can never be productive. The blessings of God come in chain as described in Hosea. The heavens answer to the earth just as the spiritual controls the physical; when God answers the heavens, it in turn, answers the earth and yields its abundance – Hosea 2:21-22.

The word of God was so rare during the old age of Prophet Eli in Israel that there was no open vision. If the word/voice of God is hardly heard, it means the heaven is not cooperating with the earth at such a moment and there will be difficulty in knowing what should be done. Thank God for the little Samuel who stood in the gap and on whom the word of heavens were let loose.  Today, God will speak, and your heavens shall open in the name of Jesus Christ – 1 Samuel 3:1, 2.

Dedication, commitment and public identification with the one who sits in the heavens and makes the earth His foot stool will make your heavens continually open. When a man surrenders his life to the authority of the Master, the next step is public declaration via baptism by immersion. Immediately after the Master Himself was baptized and prayed for, the heavens opened! The implication of this is that Open Heavens are for those who are proud of His grace and personality – Luke 3:21.

When Heavens are opened, actions are triggered and situations can never be the same. In most cases, a voice of approval that shows forth the sovereignty and supremacy of His authority follows; a voice of endorsement for the elects, a voice of possibilities, solutions and that of silencing of the powers of hell. He made His voice known to the world for Jesus Christ as His Beloved Son who must be reverenced and honored – Psalm 29:4-11.

You need the voice of the Lord which can only be heard when the heavens are opened, the voice can be heard over the waters proclaiming His glory. His voice is powerful and full of Majesty. His voice breaks the cedars of Lebanon and makes them skip like a calf. If the voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire and shakes the wilderness, then there is no situation His voice cannot handle in your life this year. Psalm 29: 4-11

Can you remember that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus Christ like a dove after the heavens were opened? I assure you that as God will be opening the Heavens upon you this year.  The Holy Ghost shall descend and take over your struggles, ministries, marriage and all your concerns in the name of Jesus Christ – Mark 1:10.



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