Acts 16:23-26; 2 Chronicles 20; Chronicles 16:34–36; Psalms 50:23; Psalms 100,

A season of praise ushers in an era of change where power changes hand and you become a spectator while God deals with your conspirators. Praise may be a very good topic for a sermon but could only be put to work when it is demonstrated as an act. Praise is the fastest way to seek God’s attention. It is a sacrifice that directly approaches the throne of grace without seeking for angelic assistance.

Apostles Paul and Silas were physically bound, chained and detained for charting the course of the gospel. Despite the traumatizing and painful condition at the time, they reasoned and thought of what could bring God’s hand down to defeat and rescue the situation. At midnight, they cooked the best meal for God; they prayed and praised God. They refused to put their situation before God but put God before their situation and God moved in a mighty way – Acts 16:23-26.

Beloved, if praise brings the hand of God down, it would repel and send your enemies packing. An atmosphere of worship is the best habitation for God and a disgusting one for the devil to dwell. If you want God to make your heart and home His abode, you need to be His praise machine – Psalms 50:23.

Do you know that Praise is not a silent affair, but a deliberate and conscious effort to assess God through a pure heart and excellent sound through instrument of praise? What is the quality of your sound of praise before the Lord? Where is your instrument of praise? Have you commanded your spirit, soul, body and all that is within you to praise Him like never before? You have all it takes to invest in praise today for your destiny to be raised – Psalms 100; Psalms 103.



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